Craps Tournaments Tips

For more fun, online casinos host tournaments where players get to gauge their skill level by facing other players. Normal online casinos pit a player against the casino and after a while this becomes boring. Online craps tournaments are spiced by virtue of the many bets that can be exploited.

First and foremost, the player must focus on the chip balance target he wants to have achieved by the end of the tournament. All he needs to do is assess the leader board. It is advisable to enter the tournament later on, halfway, when the leader board has settled down. This way, one can strategize, going by the play so far.

A conservative mode of play is adopted if for example the leader's chip balance is just slightly higher than what it was at the beginning of the tournament. This means placing slightly large wagers on bets that offer less than 1.5% of the house edge. The idea here is to increase chip balance.

An aggressive strategy on the other hand is needed if the leader's chip balance is very large or if the conservative one fails. Here, bets are placed to offer high payouts. Unlike in low chip balance, in this case payouts are decided just in one roll to give players more bets. Bets which have lower house edges are recommended. For instance, if the roll is a 2, 3 or 12 the payout is 7 to 1, you are good to go!

One will need to revise the strategy once he or she reaches a paying position. Since the tournament is yet to be over, to avoid being overtaken by other players the player will need to create a margin. Depending on the desired margin, the player can then exit the tournament and have his balance recorded. If the player, instead of exiting, chooses to continue to wager, there is a risk of diminishing his/her balance.