Best Bets at Keno

Many players enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that is often associated with playing Keno, but others employ very strict strategies in an attempt to increase their odds of winning. Like other casino games, some Keno bets are better options than others.

Keno Odds and House Edge

When compared to slots online, the payout percentages for the average Keno game are a bit worse. With an average payout percentage of only 92 to 96 percent, many players do not see the value in spending their money on Keno tickets. For these people, playing Keno is obviously about winning--and winning big. In order to do so, players have to understand which bets are likely to sink and which ones can bring in loads of money. Different casinos pay out differently and this can be used to the player's advantage as well.

Keno Casino Payouts

Keno casinos vary greatly based upon when--and how much--they pay out to winners. For example, Microgaming's Keno table is considered relatively conservative. When players choose 15 numbers, they are considered winners when three numbers are matched. Payouts ranged from half a coin for three numbers to 10,000 coins for all 15 numbers. On the other end of the spectrum, RTG Keno only pays out after players match seven numbers. Players who manage to match all 15 numbers win 100,000 coins--much more than what is offered by Microgaming.

Although playing Keno is a relaxing and relatively simple task, the best Keno bets are those placed within reputable casinos that do not have aggressive payout policies. Keno is a great casino to play at because they offer fast payouts. Bigger jackpots require more matches, however, and players should never be discouraged from trying.